Vápenka Vitošov s.r.o.
Level indicator NMT RAK 98 – lime line surface level measuring
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CEMMAC, a.s.
(cement factory Horne Srnie - Slovakia)
Passage indicator NMT RAK 99 - measuring in the exchangers of the cement plant
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Kaolin Hlubany, a.s.
(plant at Hlubany u Podboran)
Moisture meter NMT 204 porcelain-clay moisture measuring
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Sokolovska uhelna, a.s.
(section of dry kiln and manufacturing of patent fuel)
Moisture meter NMT-204 lignite moisture measuring
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Hospital Hradec Králové
(Waste water treatment plant)
Monitoring device MERA6 – 131J specific activity measuring in digestion tanks
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