• improved radiometric detection-evaluation unit for the throughput measuring
  • basic detection system consists of 3 Geiger-Muller detector
  • improved electronics compared to the unit NMT RAK 99
  • analog output 4-20 mA showing the throughput of the technological part
  • the possibility of measuring the multiple types of materials (selection of settings for the material is carried out remotely, using a loop current.)
  • other characteristics are identical to the NMT RAK 99
  • the unit is equipped with a display
  • the unit contains software and simple operation, so that is possible to change individual parameters (e.g., the measurement time, the choice of sources to compensate the decline of the radiation, etc.)
  • power supply: 24 V DC
  • Electric current: 150 mA
  • range of the working temperature: -15 až +60°C
  • weight: max. 0,7 kg
  • the choice of different types of covers:
    • the plastic opaque: dimensions 180x95x81 mm
      fastening 165x79 mm, M4
    • the plastic opaque: dimensions 180x95x55 mm
      fastening 165x79 mm, M4
    • aluminium: dimesions 215x12x90 mm
      fastening 165x79 mm M4
  • cover: IP54