• enhanced version of radiometric detection-evaluation unit for the level measurement
  • This unit needs as compared to the basic model (NMT RAK 98) to his operation a lower level of radiation
  • a relay output (digital 0-1), showing that the level has reached the required level or not
  • the basic detection system consists of 3 detection of Geiger-Muller detector
  • improved electronics compared to basic unit (NMT RAK 98)
  • other parameters are the same with the NMT RAK 98
  • power supply: 24 VDC
  • Electric current: 100 mA
  • range of working temperature: -15 when +60°C
  • weigtht: max. 0,6 kg
  • the choice of different types of covers:
    • the plastic opaque: dimensions 180x95x81 mm
      fastening 165x79 mm, M4
    • the plastic opaque: dimensions 180x95x55 mm
      fastening 165x79 mm, M4
    • aluminium: dimesions 215x12x90 mm
      fastening 165x79 mm M4
  • cover: IP54
  • control diodes
    • green: presence of the input power supply
    • yellow: presence of power supply in detectors
    • red: presence of ionizing radiation
  • trimr setting sensitivity switching of detection-evaluation unit